The Cornell University Library engages in building and hosting a number of digital projects, many of which have digital humanities applications. A complete list of digital collections maintained by the Library is available, while the Digital Collections Portal offers an integrated search platform for interacting with selected collections. Here are a few recent and ongoing digital humanities-focused projects we'd like to highlight:

Freedom on the Move

An emerging data collection that will compile all North American slave runaway ads and make them available for statistical, geographical, textual, and other forms of analysis, currently being built through a crowdsourced initiative.

Historic Glacial Images

Cornell professor Ralph Stockman Tarr (1864-1912) and his students and collaborators organized several expeditions to glaciated areas in Greenland and Alaska. About 2,000 of their photographs are being digitized for study of glacier change over time.

Persuasive Cartography: the PJ Mode Collection

This collection of maps intended primarily to influence opinions or beliefs reflects a variety of persuasive tools: allegorical, satirical and pictorial mapping; selective inclusion or exclusion; unusual use of projections, color, graphics and text; and intentional deception.

John Clair Miller Collection

Photographs, drawings, plans, and elevations of executed projects and competitions undertaken by the Cornell University architect John Clair Miller between 1962 and 2007.