Digital Pedagogy Working Group

Welcome to DigiPed!

The ability to navigate internet landscapes and to create using technology is a critical skill for participation in our 21st-century society and economy. A college classroom is the perfect place to cultivate this literacy, yet digital class projects can often be overwhelming and unwieldy to implement. Our newest co-learning group, DigiPed, will support instructors (graduate students, postdocs, visitors, and faculty are all welcome) who want to build skills and explore strategies for implementing digital pedagogy in the classroom. As a collective, we will develop technology-use strategies to effectively engage students, reach learning goals, and increase overall digital/internet literacy. We’ll build a basic digital assignment plan in each session that participants can then customize for their specific course needs. Sessions will be informal and designed to facilitate discussion and connections across disciplines. There are no prerequisites or required readings, and the sessions stand alone--attend any and all sessions that fit with your interests and schedule! 

Inaugural Session

October 25: Teaching Class Blogs & Digital Essays

Upcoming Sessions

November 8: Wikipedia in the Classroom*

  • session in conjunction with Olin's Wikipedia Editing workshop, led by Suzette Newberry. For more workshop details, click here

November 15: Effective Student Presentations

November 29: Turning Essays to Podcasts


Unless otherwise specified, all DigiPed meetings will take place at the Digital CoLab (Olin Library 701) at 3:30pm

General Resources

What is digital pedagogy?

"Defining Digital Pedagogy," Lisa Spiro

"Keeping Up With...Digital Pedagogy," Reed Garber-Pearson and Robin Chin Roemer (Association of College and Research Libraries)

"Hybridity Pt. 2: What is Hybrid Pedagogy?" Jesse Stommel (Hybrid Pedagogy)

"Teaching as Troubleshooting," Dave Haeselin (Hybrid Pedagogy)

What are some basic digital pedagogy methods?

"Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models, and Experiments," MLA Commons

"Designing Critically: Feminist Pedagogy for Digital/Real Life," Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés and Aimee de Noyelles (Hybrid Pedagogy)

"The Rules of Twitter," Dorothy Kim (Hybrid Pedagogy)

"What Makes a Good Story: Digital Storytelling at DPL 2018," Martha Burtis (Digital Pedagogy Lab)